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10-02-2012, 09:13 PM
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The chance that it does something? Very slim.

But if you make it, I'll sign it. And if we get 100,000+ signatures, it's not just going to be a joke. Most online petitions get a couple thousand petitions and die out --- if we get a petition going with 100,000+ signatures, that's something that they are going to have to seriously look at. Even if they want to risk it and only 25,000 fans dont come back? That's more fans than Phoenix draws in 41 home games! (joke!!).

Seriously, put it up here, and let's sign it. It can't hurt. And maybe, just maybe this petition will be the one that 1,000,000 people sign and the NHL takes notice.

Because you're right, they are fighting over OUR money.

I already made a huge change. No more legit jerseys for me. Knockoffs 100% of the time from now on.

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