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10-02-2012, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by JTG View Post
Then I suggest you get a bigger slow cooker.

There is a huge appeal of those cities. I'm definitely guilty of sort of getting into that thought process. I have applied to jobs in Boston, Philly, and Seattle. I haven't got any of them...obviously. That being said, I wouldn't mind living in any of them if the opportunity presented itself.

I guess the long and short of what I'm saying is, having more money in my pocket at the end of every month makes me just as happy as having a lot of stuff to do right in front of my face. I think unlike most cities, you have to search for things to do in Pittsburgh. I've lived here my whole life, so if I want something to do, I kind of know where to look.

I can completely see why an outsider would look at PGH though and say no thank you. I can also respect someone who would want to get out and experience something else. Pittsburgh is like a box sort of. If you never leave, you end up like those 50 year old yinzers that everyone is talking about.
yeah like my biggest fear is being a lifelong yinzer. spending my first 2 decades in western PA was nice, but i really think there is so much cool stuff in the world to see and do, i wanted to expand my horizons.

philly is nice bc its a cool city that is kinda more happening but still close to my family in pittsburgh. a happy balance. really not sure where to go after school. cali is super cool but so far away, same with boston. legit tough decision that i wrestle with, especially with parents getting older.

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