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10-02-2012, 10:37 PM
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So apparently NiGHTS Into Dreams was re-released on XBox Live and PSN favorite non-RPG of all-time and a game I haven't been able to play since my Saturn bit the dust somewhere around 2004.

So many memories. I didn't have a Saturn when it came out, but the Sears at South Hills Village had it as did the Iggle Video at Village Square...I had to log over 100 hours on this and Ocarina of Time (they also both had an N64 with that game...but if the Saturn was open I was always playing it).

Man...I miss when everything Sonic Team touched turned to pure gold. I don't think they've released a truly great game since the Dreamcast died. Hell, almost every game Sega released was gold before the Dreamcast died...but once they quit the hardware business to focus on games they fell off a cliff. I miss the days where a game designed to show off a system's power was basically meant only for hardcore gamers...this game was hard...but it was stunningly beautiful in 1996 and it used the CD to it's fullest extent in having one of the best game soundtracks ever made (which wasn't too typical of Sonic Team outside of the original Sonic games...though it did set the table with some truly awful songs that actually involved singing).

Now they need to port the Panzer Dragoon series...hell, just get the Saturn and Dreamcast line-up out there and I'll probably buy it all again.

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