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12-06-2003, 10:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Leprechaun
Talking about Vets...I'm getting tiring of our Vets like Koivu (Jalous guy and a poor Captain) or Zed (a loner) or Rivet (the worst defensemen who played ever on the PP).

Like a friend of mine said one day to me: "The only year that the Habs made the playoffs was the year we played without Koivu and without Hackett, forcing Therrien at that time going with Theo !
What a dog in the manger attitude you have! The Habs narrowly made the playoffs, and without Koivu's comeback in the last few games after recovering from cancer they wouldn't have been there. Without Koivu and Zednik the Habs would have lost to the Bruins. (Rermember why McLaren maqde Zednik his target?) Even someone as prejudiced as you should be aware of it. I'm afraid you see the games through a filter that doesn't admit anything you don't want to see. How do you know that Koivu is jealous and a poor captain? Is that what Réjean Tremblay tells les pauvres moutons?

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