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10-02-2012, 11:20 PM
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With conflicting scheduling dates at the various NHL venues, they can't exactly re-schedule and move games from the start of the season to the end. It's completely unrealistic for Mike Johnson or the players to think that.

I really don't think the players understand what is about to happen to them. The NHL owners have other businesses to run and their money keeps pouring in. Players do not.

20-24 teams lose money ever year. Record REVENUE does not mean the same thing as profit. Last season also saw record EXPENDITURE. On the whole a few (6-8) teams make some money, the rest are big losers.

Those money losing teams hold a majority of votes, and thanks to Bettman's super majority clause, he only needs 8 votes to decline a contract proposal.

In the end we the fans lose a season, and the players will get taken to the wood shed again. They were offered a better contract before the lockout began in 2004 than they ended up settling for after the lost season in 2005.

I'd even suggest the NHL start negotiating with the players instead of the NHLPA. If you as an individual would like to return to work and get paid under the terms of our previous offer, we'd love to have you. Start dividing the players with the offer of paychecks. How many of the borderline guys, or near-retirement guys want to see another lost season of salaries so that the minority of players might see an increase in their top end salaries.

Sound clip below sums it up. Players have lost touch with reality.

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