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05-09-2006, 06:40 PM
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Roster situation for next year!

I wasn't on the board last week so I guess that I missed a couple of thread. Anyways, since there's nothing on the subject on the first page, I thought that it was a good idea too talk about what we can expect for next year.

Many players will come back next year. We will most likely sign every RFA, and let every UFA go expept Bouillon and Huet.

In front of the net, it's not going to be very hard to get things going. Huet will most likely be back, like he was saying to the media the other day. If it's the case, Aebischer is gone. He can't play 50 games like he wants to with Huet in the team. That mean that Danis will be our back-up, and Halak will be next on the depht chart.

Our defence is a little bit more complicated. Gainey wouldn't mind to sign Bouillon back, but if he wants to sign a pretty good defenceman via free agency, Bouillon might not be back. Francis can't be a 7th defenceman anymore because he's better then that. Everything will depend on if Gainey wants a guy like Redden or Kubina...the other 5 will stay in place. Cote or Streit will complete the team on the blue line.

Up front, we will obvioulsy see some major changes. From our regular, Bulis and Zednik will not be back. One will be gone because he's a UFA, and the other will be traded because he will ask to. After that, Sundstrom and Downie will also be gone. It's hard to know if there will be a change with our 4 centers. We all know that they are all good when they are place in the right role. I wouln't mind to see them all back, but if we can get our hands on a bigger skilled center, Ribeiro will be gone. But don't expect anything big...Gainey would be alright with those 4 centers for another season.

On the wings, it will be really fun to see what will happen. Higgins will hopefully be as good as he was, Ryder should be better because he will be healty, Kovalev is Kovalev..., Perezhogin will hopefully has his break up season, Begin will once again be our sparkplug and Murray will be a good grinder. That's only 6 wingers, and 2 of them can't play on the top 2 lines. Kostitsyn, Lapierre and Ferland are all pretty close from the NHL, but Kost is the only one will offensive potenital, so if he has a good training camp, he will be part of the team. We can't forget Latendresse, who might make the team.

But like I said above, Aebi, Zednik and maybe Ribeiro might be traded, so we have to wonder which kind of value we would have for them. A top 6 winger isn't out of the question for sure. Will we want to move up in the draft??? It might be a solution.

There's also the UFA possibility, but I think that Gainey will wait to get a big name. IMO, our big season will be one of 2007-2008 or 2008-2009.

So IMO, the line-up will look like that:

Kostistyn-Ribeiro/UFA-Murray/trade player
Begin-Bonk-Lapierre/trade player



WILDCARD: Latendresse

What do you think???

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