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10-03-2012, 02:13 AM
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Originally Posted by QuietCompany View Post
I also can't believe how many people renewed seasons tickets. That's hindsight now but ignoring those ticket holders, it's still possible to have an effect on the league.
Again, if you live in a market where the waiting list for season tickets is thousands of names long and someone in your family might have already had season tickets for years or decades, are you going to give those up and move to the back of a waiting list with thousands of names on it? In a market like Florida, where there's not going to be a huge waiting list for tickets, then yeah, it might make an impact. It's not going to make an impact in any of the Canadian cities because people that have been waiting for years to buy tickets would gladly take the opportunity.

Originally Posted by Coach Parker View Post
1.Tell anyone that will listen to buy pirated jerseys and provide them links.
2. Encourage people to watch free streams online of the games.

I recommended both to my students and anyone else who will listen as a means of fighting back as the fans caught in the middle of millionaires fighting over the game we love.
Ahh yes, I love when my fellow educators (I hold a teaching credential and MA in Education) encourage students in illegal activity. It sets a good moral example for the students and reinforces teachers as role models.

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