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Originally Posted by trentmccleary View Post
Detroit has a history of producing players slowly. One that no other team can claim. Or more to the point, they have a history of wasting their 1st and 2nd round picks on depth players. Meanwhile, some obscure 5th rounder from 2006 is about to turn into a HoF'er starting next year.

When the Leafs can boast a record like that behind them... people will start believing that is what they're doing.

Giroux became an NHL'er early in his 3rd year. So did Schenn for that matter.

Carter and Richards started exactly in their 3rd years because of the lockout year.

Couturier started in his 1st year post draft, not 4th.

The middle of the 2nd/3rd year is most important for these teams because that's when ELC's stop sliding. The 3rd year on is when the team starts giving up ELC seasons and the major difference here is that Philly has been a contender while Toronto has been a bottom feeder. Philly hasn't really given up much of those. They gave up 1/2 of Giroux and a 1/3 of Schenn out of all of these players during their ELC contracts while the Flyers were contenders. The Leafs have already given up 3/4 of Kadri's 3rd year while they were bottom feeders and it's not they cleared a spot for him in his 4th season.

So yeah, unless you can prove that the Leafs are some Detroit-type, idiot savant kind of prospect developers... or your prospect is failing just as is it would on any other team that doesn't easily give up those 3 ELC's seasons.
i think the poster was actually talking about philly prospect logan couture, who did in fact take 3 years (4 to make an impact) after his draft to make the NHL. (of course he was drafted 9th overall by the sharks, after being predicted ~15th overall going into his draft. The fact is that as a march birthday, Logan Couture being actually a year behind kadri in terms of 3rd year development is probably irrelevant, completely irrelevant.)

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