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10-03-2012, 05:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Bandit View Post
I hate to say it but this dude makes a great point:

If the players just bend to the owner's demands what exactly will be stopping us from going through this same **** in 5-7 years when the CBA expires again? Owners dont have what they want? Lock out the players and **** the fans!

Jesus Christ, maybe I'll start watching NASCAR. Those *******s never seem to have any trouble getting on the track...
Neither side is innocent in this. The players went on strike in the early 90's, then won after getting locked out in 94-95, and they were still locked out again in 04-05. If the numbers don't add up, then they don't add up.

The scary thing is that Fehr didn't have to come back to do this. He made his money, he was doing whatever else he was doing after baseball. Then he comes back to head the NHLPA. Why? What does he have to gain from it? The NHLPA? The NHL? Who cares? Why waste the time and energy on the NHL?

In my mind, he's in it for one reason: to get rid of the cap. That's the only challenge he would have left. Not to just keep a cap away, but to get rid of one after it's been established.

It's easy to talk crazy, but if it's October 3rd, 2013, and a deal hasn't been done yet, I wouldn't be shocked, because Fehr doesn't care. You don't hire Fehr if you just want to play.

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