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10-03-2012, 07:06 AM
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Originally Posted by gleanerguy View Post
But if you hold him "accountable" for the hockey team then you must also give him some credit for the men's and women's basketball programs being third in the country at the CCAA level; for the ACAA women's rugby championship and their corresponding move to the AUS; for the influx in talent in the women's hockey program and the successful bid to host CIS; for the first class facility that will house the hockey teams -- he was in daily consultation with architects and/or city officials -- for the establishment of rowing and wrestling programs at the university; for the fact that the school had 15 athletes named national scholars...we'd all like to see a more competitive men's hockey team and I think, given time, Troy Ryan will do that. But Eagles is the "athletic" director, not exclusively the men's hockey director. If you look beyond the hockey team -- which will compete hard this year and may contend -- he hasn't done a bad job.
Those successful programs that you mention ALL had excellant leadership and I do know that STU enjoys more sports outlets for students than the campus south of us BUT Eagles WAS the Mens bockey director as coach and has had an overall failing record and it is about THAT I RANT.

Troy Ryan has and will continue to grow the program but is being handicapped by the decisions of the current A/D and a $50,000 budget hit won'

You and I will have to agree to.disagree as to the definition of "done a bad job"

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