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Didn't mean to cut you off...

Originally Posted by MartyOwns View Post

those are the only 2 i've seen on that list. i did try to watch swingers once, but couldnt bear more than 30 minutes

to saugus' point, although ive never seen star wars, i've seen enough parodies to know the plot. family guy did a parody of 'spies like us' so i think i get the gist of that movie too.

the thing is, im almost 30. how can i possibly find the time to watch all the movies i didnt see growing up? i feel like i missed that window. although i think i should make room for Slap Shots, at least

oh, and RG forgot top gun. thats one i saw a lot. especially the volleyball scene. a lot. right now. im playing volleyball with tom cruise and val kilmer as i type. glistening.
NHL lockout. Games usually run 2.5-3 hours. You can watch 2 comedies in 3 hours or just a tad over. Games average about 3 a week during the regular season, so you can knock off 6 movies a week using only the time you would have used watching the Devils.

Even at a C- grade effort, that's realistically 4 movies a week using only. Netflix would have all these titles no problem and for less than $10 a month you're total outlay would be maybe $20 and still have extra time gained from the 9 hours minimum you would have used watching hockey.

Here, I've mapped a schedule for you to get caught up by Thanksgiving and still have time off for personal enrichment.

FRI OCT 12, 2012 Fletch, Caddyshack
SAT OCT 13, 2012 Animal House, Fandango
WED OCT 17, 2012
FRI OCT 19, 2012 The Burbs, Blazing Saddles
WED OCT 24, 2012 Blues Brothers, Stripes
FRI OCT 26, 2012
TUE OCT 30, 2012 Slapshot, Major League
THU NOV 1, 2012 Trading Places, Vacation
SAT NOV 3, 2012
TUE NOV 6, 2012 Beverly Hills Cop, Bachelor Party
FRI NOV 9, 2012 Airplane, Planes Trains and Automobiles
SUN NOV 11, 2012
TUE NOV 13, 2012 Fast Times at Ridgemont High
THU NOV 15, 2012 Naked Gun, Gung Ho
SAT NOV 17, 2012
TUE NOV 20, 2012 Bull Durham, Ghostbusters
WED NOV 21, 2012
SAT NOV 24, 2012 Star Wars Original Trilogy (with turkey leftovers between movies)
MON NOV 26, 2012 Unforgiven, Outlaw Josey Wales


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