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10-03-2012, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by TorontoAvalanche View Post
Pick 4

Ben Tate
CJ Spiller
Fred Jackson
BenJarvus Green-Ellis
Rashard Mendenhall

I really don't know who to choose. Mendenhall is back but he will surely be rusty, Spiller and Jackson are up against a tough 49ers defense and Tate has just been terrible so far.

Help is appreciated, thanks in advance
Law Firm is a given, having not mentioned it I imagine you know that already.

Of the other 3, I guess I have to go Mendenhall, Jackson, and Spiller. Tate may not play.

Anything good on the wire? Ryan Williams? Powell?

Hell, could even grab Justin Forsett at game time if Tate is announced out.

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