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10-03-2012, 09:54 AM
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seeing how much praises 26 years old ALHer St-Denis gets, as well as our 26 years old 7th D Diaz... think we could wait another two or three years
The difference is these 3 players have not been given chance after chance after chance after chance in the nhl and failed every single time. They all had one shot and performed well, that is why they are playing.

with JM playing him on the 4th line or have him a healthy scratch more often than not, it shouldnt be a surprise to anyone he hasnt progressed much... the opposite would have been a miracle. Besides, in those 3 years, I dont remember anyone from the coaching staff saying they're trying to work with him to better his defensive game or something... with the amount of ex-D hired by MB since last summer, he should get all the help he needs to round up his game.
Oh baloney. He didn't play on D because he wasn't good enough. He couldn't even keep his spot in the lineup last year when the habs had 3 regular D men out of the lineup. He was consistently the worst d-man on the ice, that is why he wasn't playing. The same ****ing reason O'byrne wasn't playing. He hasn't progressed much because he hasn't been good. He lacks the poise, decision making time and hockey sense at the nhl level. That is what has kept him out of the lineup and I'm not surprised. If Weber would have played well, he would have recieved the minutes just as rookies like Desharnais, Pacioretty, Eller, Subban, Diaz and Emelin all recieved their minutes and spots in the lineup despite being the "rookies JM hates". They maintained their spots because they played well. Had Weber done so, he would have been in the lineup.

you're talking about guys who have yet to play a pro game in their life... they all have potential, but let's wait and see how they fare against men...
Yet you are defending Weber's potential right now considering he has yet to play anything close to consistently good hockey. You dismiss others potential yet the only argument you have in favor of Weber is his potential considering that they hasn't progressed at all in the last 3 years as a defensemen. The fact is there already is very little room in the lineup right now and there will be even less when Tinordi, Ellis and Beaulieu begin to develop. Regardless of whether or not they haven't played a pro-game, Weber needs to pick up his game because it won't be long before even these guys pass him.

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