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10-03-2012, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
If I could watch the Monarchs play on TV, I'd watch them. Unfortunately I can't (and no, I'm not willing to pay extra on top of my already overpriced cable bill). That said, if I'm going to be spending money to watch hockey and to attend games, I'm going to expect to see the best players on the ice. We're not going to get that from replacement players and I'm not going to pay triple digits for tickets and parking and what not to see the Darren Haydar's of hockey take the ice.
i could watch Monarchs because of the vested interest in that team. the players are Kings property and the future. beyond that though i dont give two ****** about the AHL. if the Monarchs actually played the Wolves here in Chicago, then i would go. they don't so why do i want to go see a CHI vs Rockford game. to see VAN and CHI's prospects.....hell no!

i can watch and do watch random NHL games when LA isn't playing. i used to watch 2-3 games a night before getting married. it's the NHL, they are the top players in the world. i like watching that level of hockey. anything else just doesn't measure up for me

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