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10-03-2012, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by SkullSplitter View Post
Well sure, even after taxes you could buy a house in the country on good acreage outright and then get some solar panels and a windmill and a good well drilled. With some livestock and a big vegetable garden you'd be able to keep your food expenses down & then all you'd have to worry about would be property taxes & heating, but heck with the latter, if you went way out in the country where the lands cheap enough and got enough acreage, you could just chop down some trees each year and have a wood burning boiler.

But my point is that for having to put their bodies on the line, and for the revenue the players generate for the league, they're worth every penny & I think it's unfair for the owners to ask them to take less in order to fix the owner's problems.
This post is kind of strange

Anyway, not many here are arguing that these players make too much, but rather that they need to stop ****ing and looking for sympathy by comparing themselves to the common man. Oh no you only make 550k a year? Get that **** out of here.

Just because you were a professional hockey player from age 20-27 with 5 years in the NHL, for example, it doesn't mean you are entitled to a full wealth filled retirement.

However, they are fair to question the motives of the owners and want a fair deal. Just stop trying to make me feel bad for you in the process because I don't. That was the main point people were making.

That said, if 3mil isn't enough to live off of for a while then you are living above your long term needs or you didn't plan properly.

Also, the whole "put their bodies on the line" is kind of garbage IMO. They CHOSE to put their bodies on the line. No one is forcing them to play that kind of hockey but the fact is, guys like Barch just aren't good enough to succeed in the NHL as a skilled player. They could have gone to college for business, medical school, etc. but chose to try hockey and had to make it as a scrub, fighter, etc. Good on them but quit whining.

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