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10-03-2012, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
what the hell mall do you go to that has taco's that you can't seem to resist? I don't know if I'd trust food court tacos but you are making me want to try them
Actually the mall food court back in Timmins has a pretty kickass Taco Time in it. Sadly since I've come to Kitchener, the food court in the mall across from my apartment only has a crappy Taco Bell in it.

Talk about a major downgrade.

Although Kitchener does have a few authentic Mexican restaurants IIRC, I just dunno where they are yet.

Originally Posted by Lost in Crafton View Post
i think he's buying taco ingredients so he can make tacos himself, rather than already made tacos at a food court. but that begs the question: what kind of mall has a grocery store?
Correct. The fiancee and I munched out on homemade tacos last night. As for where I got my salsa, the mall across the street has a Walmart in it with a few little grocery aisles so I just grabbed a jar of salsa there.

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