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10-03-2012, 12:21 PM
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playing style

I don't know much about Ryan,other than hf boards and but from what I've seen he seems like an impressive prospect. enough rambling i was wondering if some Brandon Wheat Kings fans could comment on a few questions . Oh and i'm an Ottawa Senators fan.

1. What is his ceiling ? ( i.e top pair defensemen, franchise player top four defensemen etc...)
2. How is he Defensively ( is he defensivly sound or a liability in the defensive zone) ?
3. A comparable player ( which player does his playing style resemble) ?
4. How long until he's NHL ready ?
5. Would he need time in the AHL
6. Assuming Ottawa drafts 15th could he drop all the way to Ottawa ?
7. Would he be a better penalty killer or better on the power play ?
8. Seth Jones vs Ryan Pulock whos the better overall Defensemen
9. Are there any Character Issues with this kid
10. is he a player worth trading up for in the draft
11. A player to compliment his playing style ( i.e Ceci, Cowen, Karlson)
12. Does he fight ? and if so is it often
13. Whats his playing style ( shutdown D, 2 way, Offensive D)

while i'd prefer Ottawa to draft Monahan Ottawa is not nearly bad enough to actually draft him, its always best to have a plan B ( no knock on him) it would probably be the same with Jets fans ( the Manitoba connection). Thanks and sorry if i have alot of questions i want to get a basic feel of what this kid can do, oh and for who say to go to a game and watch him play I live in Ottawa so i dont have as much time to watch him play.

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