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10-03-2012, 02:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I just got a new stick and cut off about 5". It's at my nose in sandals, and it will probably be 1-2" shorter after I'm done trying it and cutting down a bit more.
Cool. I cut my Nexus to about my adams apple in skates and played a game last night and it felt MUCH better. My control seemed to be coming back. That said, the stick is stiff as a board (its probably over 100 flex now) so I need to find a senior 75/77 again. I do need to be a bit more conscious about staying lower for shooting, but thats always a good thing anyway.

Originally Posted by AmazedRink View Post
Practice with a SMARTBALL everyday or before games.

My obsession with this ball when i was a kid really sickened up my game in a few short months. It's too bad I've always found a way to lose them, I swear I've gone through 10 of them!
I have one of these actually (had 2, lost the black one ). I do like them, but its hardly the same feel as a puck. They're not very good for quick, soft hands. I'm thinking about getting a wooden ball as well.

When you guys practice off ice, how do you compensate for the height difference? Or do you actually put your skates with guards on?

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