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10-03-2012, 01:26 PM
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Haven't no-hitters and perfect games become more prevalent in recent years?

I think they're losing their lustre a bit as a sort of a once in a generation type event.

But i get what you mean in terms of relying upon that final out.

I'd have to say that NHL overtime is probably the most exciting thing for me. Anyone can end up the hero.

I'm biased though, perhaps, but the relentless flow of the game, the horror (or relief) of hearing the PING of the post, the dread as your team is pinned in your own zone, the minutes that become periods that become's the kind of intensity that seems to age you as you watch, particularly if your team is involved.

History won't care about who carried the play. All people will remember will be the goal.

Football OT often ends up with a field goal, which while exciting, to me isn't as exciting as a touchdown. Basketball doesn't have the sudden death aspect to it. Soccer often goes to penalty kicks, which while entertaining and dramatic, aren't really part of the ebb and flow of the sport, which is why I hope they keep shootouts out of NHL playoff situations.

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