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10-03-2012, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by stokes84 View Post
Yeah, I was planning on getting it. Figured it would be $150 or less. NHL center ice is $350. I'm not paying that for a minor league product.
IIRC through the end of last October, you could have got NHL CI for around $170. I also buy AHL Live (team pass) regularly and at $2 per Amerk game, I've had few complaints. It's cheaper than a beer at the bar or a trendy coffee, no? I do understand that people have their budgets however.
Originally Posted by Kishire View Post
Is it gonna be on TV for those that have TWC? I saw they played some games last year.
The only hockey I saw in their programming, for October at least, were RIT games (versus Penn State and Robert Morris).
Originally Posted by Taelin View Post
Yes, free streams! AHL live is NOT worth the price.

I'll be home at around 4:45pm PST, so I should catch most of the game.
Those are just common suggestions of where to look for streams so people quit asking. This game's being played on the MCC campus without any TV or radio broadcasts I believe.

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