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Originally Posted by Belenos View Post
Hey there,
i would go to Bern, beautiful city, you can see the alps and reach them easily by train. You have 4 teams in the region. (Bern, Biel, Langnau, Fribourg) Normally you have a game on friday and one on saturday per team. So you could watch one game in Bern and one in the other Cities i posted above. I live in Biel, all of them are easy to reach by train (30 minutes by train or car).
Bern's old town is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, SC Bern has the biggest crowd outside of the NHL (They average more than 15'000 so far in this season) with a huge stand (And with huge I REALLY mean huge) and a beautiful landscape. And as Belenos said, you have other teams (SCL Tigers, Fribourg-Gottéron, EHC Biel/Bienne) and towns nearby. So you are in Zurich within an hour.

If you guys speak french, you could either go to Geneva, Bienne (Not 100% sure how many people in Bienne still speak french, Belenos could tell you more, I guess) or Fribourg, where french is generally spoken. Geneva is a great place to be, very cosmopolitan and has a good team, that is dominating the league right now (nobody truly knows why, but whatever ).
In case of Bienne, it's a beautiful, small town. Not that much to do, but you are close to Bern. Their team is pretty "meh" for me, but their fans are great.
Fribourg has some of the most amazing fans in Switzerland, is close to Lausanne and Bern for other activities, is a beautiful place by itself and has a "ok" team. But they didn't sign any NHL-players so far.

Davos... I don't know. For me (as a fan), Davos is one of the most beautiful places in the world. They have one of the most beautiful hockey arenas in the world (there is a reason it's sometimes called "The Hockey Cathedral" in the swiss media), the team is competitive and plays an exciting run&gun-style of hockey (Even though they are in some kind of a crisis right now). Too bad that beautiful stadium is half empty during the games...
Davos is literally at the end of the world. So travelling will be a pain. There is not that much to do outside of hockey and skiing (in winter). And it's pretty expensive.

Something you might consider would be the teams in the italian-speaking part of Switzerland, Ambri-Piotta and Lugano. Expecially Ambri is a very special case for swiss ice hockey. Or have you ever heard of a team located in two villages of 500 citizens each, that averages around 4000 spectators per game? Outside of Canada? Their fanbase is incredible, so it's always a pleasure to visit them. But the problem with Ambri-Piotta is the same as with Davos: The location.
Lugano is a beautiful town, especially during summer. Their team is good, too.
These two teams kinda represent the opposite case of a very rich and (normally) successful team (Lugano) and a poor franchise from the countryside, that is helt alive by it's tradition and fans (Ambri-Piotta).

Zurich may be an option, too. It would probably the best option for your friends, since the nightlife in Zurich is by far the most active in Switzerland and there are many places for sightseeing like the swiss national museum. The ZSC Lions, as the current NLA-Champions, are very competitive, even though they didn't hire any NHL-players. And in Zurich, you are in the "heart" of Switzerland, where basically the whole travelling system starts and ends at the Zurich main station.
Furthermore, there is a second team in the greater Zurich area, the Kloten Flyers. Their team may be rather cheap (they nearly had to blow up their team because of their debts), but they play an exciting, spectacular style, since most of their players are still very young.

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