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10-03-2012, 06:11 PM
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I'm not an attorney but I'm pretty certain there can't be a lockout and replacement players. I believe they can end the lockout without negotiating a new CBA and if the NHLPA decides to strike, then replacement players would be an option.

I also doubt the owners want to eliminate the NHLPA because that opens up a lot of new problems that I can't imagine they want.

Frankly I think the whole system is broken. Prices are artificially inflated. The players are paid way beyond what I think is reasonable. Fans in big markets want to exploit their financial advantages, yet often those same fans support the NHLPA and the demands for a much higher rate of revenue redistribution.

My take make a decision- use a system like the NFL's that requires all broadcast revenues are assigned to the League and then distributed in equal share to all teams. Give the visiting team 40% of the gate like the NBA and MLB. Keep the cap and negotiate a deal.

I lieu of that approach, keep revenue distribution as it is. Contract down to the 8 teams that make big money (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Philadelphia, New York Rangers, Boston, Chicago and Detroit) and have a nice life.

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