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10-03-2012, 08:06 PM
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Originally Posted by guyzeur View Post
Filatov had/has talent as well. It's not all about talent.
Originally Posted by MoreGore View Post
As guyzeur pointed out Filatov has amazing talent, yet he can't play in the NHL. Clearly talent is only one component. The another is motivation, another is stature.

Peterrson has super talent. He lacks in size, and apparently from what I have read he is lacking in motivation. With physically gifted players they can frequently ride their pure talent to success up until they near the top of the heap, but as they approach the top, limitations in the other two big factors start taking a toll on their level of success.

The good news is that motivation can change. In a case like AP, he spent some time injured, and some time adapting to the North American ice surface. This is the year when he should put it together. He will be competing in a very good league with good talent around him. If not this year, then he may give it one more shot next fall, but that is about when his journey will end and his aspirations will have been realized or not.
Originally Posted by DJB View Post
I think people need to be careful when it seems like they are basing a prospect off of tearing up the WJC. Plenty of kids have done that and then gone on to do nothing in the NHL.
Loool, shaking my head..

You guys are either nit-picking facts to support your claims or making stuff up.

Petersson is proven in every single level he has played on. He ripped up the WJC, he won the best player in SEL during the tourney before the season, before his back-injury mayhem followed by having an amazing rookie year on a offense-stricken bingo team that saw KK praise his 2 way game and ethic towards the end of the year.

Tell me what about Petersson shows he doesn't have a shot. Size hasn't stopped him before and his skating should give him an advantage to overcome that. Also, since the day he was drafted, scouts raved his aggressive side saying he plays bigger than his size.

Also, I'm not sure if Bryan Murray is a legit source but pretty sure he said something along the lines of "Petersson will be Spezza's sniper for next 10 years."

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not saying Petersson will beat out everyone and score 30 consistently here on out. I'm saying you guys are disregarding him far too easily for someone who has done exceptionally well due to his circumstances and cause he is no longer the shiny new toy.

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