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12-06-2003, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury
I'm afraid that I disagree with you on both points. Defensemen are in high demand right now and Hamrlik is especially desirable, since his contract does expire before the CBA negotaitions. And, if the Leafs are looking to acquire a high level guy before the playoffs, they're going to have to pay a premium. I also think the Leafs are anxious to improve their situation before the playoffs, and predict they will wind up moving prospects. So, I think Steen, Stajan, and a pick is fair and very doable.
your right defenceman are at a high demand right now, which lowers the price since there is quiet a few avaliable and some that could be had (mostly because of salary issues). IMO we really dont need a high level #1 (we'll every team could use one, but you know what I mean). We could go after a good #2 or #3 that wouldn't cost as much as a #1, which would give us a very steady and reliable top 4. As of right now I dont think we are really "anxious" mostly because of the 7 game winning streak and how well our team is playing, but down the line we will need a defencman for the playoffs, and I bet there will be a TON of bargains at the trade deadline, in which you could pick up top 4 d-man for basically a bag of pucks

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