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10-03-2012, 11:00 PM
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Since the season ticket thing started with me, I'll pipe in my two cents.

Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
It is my position that in the have markets ( lets say Tor/NYR/Mtl) a boycott will not affect their bottom line one red cent. Agree or not?
Disagree. Going by Toronto (which I'm most familiar), I know people holding season tickets that have been in their family since the Gardens went up in the 1930s. I know people who've held season tickets personally for the last 30 years. Yes if those fans drop their season tickets then others will scoop them up. However, this would set off alarm bells for the Leaf owners. If I owned the team, I'd rather have STH's who've been buying my product for generations than someone new, because I have no track record that the someone new will be still buying tickets in five years. Toronto's about as solid a lock for ticket sales as any rink in the league, but if generational fans are lost, the team would eventually have to actually spend money to ensure new holders are roped in long enough to get their kids buying tickets once they grow up.

Twenty years ago it was incredibly difficult to find a Blue Jays ticket. The Jays sold out because they were winning. It can be argued the SkyDome sellouts stopped with the Jays on-field decline. It can be argued the sellouts stopped because of the '94-95 strike. And it can be argued the Jays hadn't been around long enough to establish a legacy base of STH's that crossed over for generations. Legacy customers do not need advertising to get them into seats, they do not need a winning club (as the Leafs have proven). They're there because of nostalgia. If a club like the Leafs ever loses that, it's entirely possible they may never get it back. Any backlash from long standing STH's would trigger alarm bells with the Toronto brass. I know people aren't ready for taking the step of dropping their season tickets. But if things ever go that far, it's the strongest warning possible for the owners.

Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
So for the sake of of long term league stability (presumably evidenced by lack of labor strife) you want to exacerbate the fundamental underlying problem of revenue discrepancy of the have and have nots and if this means that you literally push some teams off the cliff then this is an acceptable trade off so long as it does not interrupt your ability to watch games at your convenience? Really?
Why should fans put up with labour disruptions every seven years because of revenue discrepancies between the owners of have and have-not teams? There were never such problems when it was a 21 team league. Maybe some of the have-not teams are should-not-be teams. Why should part of a $250 Leaf ticket go to support a club which doesn't have sufficient hockey interest from their own population? Why don't the Leafs just drop their prices 20% and I'll send a $50 cheque every game directly to Phoenix or Atlanta or Columbus? This isn't about necessary social programs that will feed children or tend to the sick, it's about a promoted obligation to subsidize out of town billionaires that most fans will never know or meet.

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