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10-04-2012, 12:13 AM
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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
If, If, If,. If your aunt had balls she be your uncle. In have markets demand for tickets exceeds supply. Having STH forfeit their tickets in significant numbers ( many of who had to wait to acquire them) those seats wouldn't have the chance to get cold before someone was willing to step in. if the same 20 % of STH in have not markets walk way we have about another half dozen phoenix's. So essentially anything is on the table including fans having their teams ripped from them to sate your need for watching hockey on your terms ? lets just take the weakest six teams and instead of giving a big FU to the league lets get all of the have fans to give a big FU to the fans in these small market teams and laugh as their teams wither and die so that I get to watch games in october.

I dont like work stoppages either but if they are intended to promote league stability I'm all for them. If this stoppage results in increased support for the smaller teams from the bigger teams ( and not off the backs of the players, again) then as unpalatable as it is currently , its a medicine worth taking.

If the new CBA does not have revenue sharing, you do know that the day it expires another work stoppage ensues, right ?
First, I have never advocated that there would be no revenue sharing for smaller market teams. However, if a smaller market team cant survive with the added revenue sharing, than its time to go. I'm not here to support dying teams that have no business being where they are located.

Second, you are advocating that the lock out is the medice that needs to be administered......its been administered 3 times in 17 years and the sickness still comes back. Maybe the medice needs to be a boycott by the fans saying enough is enough. The point here is that the NHL and the NHLPA had ample time to get this done and it has resulted in another work stoppage.

Third, its obvious that you will be one of those who will run back as soon as the first puck is dropped. Whether it be 3 months lost to a lock out or potentially an entire season. Thats good though, the leauge is banking on you and everybody like you to come running back with money in hand.

Done with you.

Here ya go....

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