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Originally Posted by Oilers4life1987 View Post

However, I'm a bit disappointed with Offline GM Mode as it hasn't changed that much. I like the new potential system but with the poor ratings it doesn't make any of the draft realistic. I'd love for EA to change the draft system and the following things would be a great boost for the mode I love to play:
- Able to see draft eligible/ineligible players stats
- Able to move up in the draft like in NFL13
- Make rating and potential of players drafted between 1st-3/4th rounds of Entry draft more accurate.
- For the love of god, I've been asking for contract extensions for the past few years. Is it so hard to add to the game.
- Actual scouting reports of draft eligible players. For example, I took this from, it's about yakupov. NHL Central Scouting's Chris Edwards
"His first step and ability to control bouncing pucks, knock them down and make a play are the best of any of the guys in the draft, in my opinion. He really gets up to top speed very quickly and his hands are outstanding. Like Pavel Bure, Yakupov is dangerous every shift. He may not have been dominant on every shift like Bure was, but he created something every shift … you have to be aware where he is on the ice all the time."

Other things to improve in game
- More loose puck dekes would be a nice addition too.
- Custom goalie mask. Let us be able to move or modify the logo and colors of the goalie masks. Im sure you dont need a license to do that ?

Anyway, thats all I have to say about that. Please EA do not add anymore modes to the game. Just upgrade on the things people care most about.
1st - "Able to see draft eligible player stats"; you can see them. They just serve more as "projections" rather than concrete and guaranteed stats. Also, the better you upgrade your scouting + better scouting you do, the more accurate those stats should be. I'd say that's pretty realistic. Does everyone know how good a passer of the puck Nail Yakupov is? I'd say no.

2nd - "Move up in the draft?"; moving up in the draft is a piece of cake. I normally draft 1st or 2nd overall every single year in my Be a GM, even in years when I don't have a lottery pick. Not sure why you find it so difficult to do so.

3rd - "Draft potential, etc"; I can agree with you somewhat here. The new potential system is great as far as developing players goes, but at the same time it makes it almost impossible to find late round gems in the draft anymore. In NHL 12, while it was completely random, there was often a chance for you to get a solid player late in the draft (especially if you took advantage of the 6th and 7th round pick glitch, it was a little too easy to land at least one player in the late rounds that would work out for your team). This time, not so much.

4th - "Draftee ratings"; I don't have a problem with this. If you play longer into the draft, you'll come across 1st round picks that have high 70/low 80 overall ratings. I don't think every single first round player, or indeed every single first overall player, needs to be a super high overall pick. I don't mind that some developmental curve is required, and I think they've done pretty much OK with the ratings.

4th - "Scouting reports"; I like this idea a lot. I think they went into a somewhat right direction by being able to label every single player in the game via a particular player role; it would also be great if there was some information on what a player's strengths were.

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