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Is this the "hype the place where my favorite team play" thread? Try to be helpful, no need to try to bring the guy near your place.

Anyway, I'll try a team by team breakdown (I wouldn't worry about getting anywhere in Switzerland by public transport, the network is pretty extensive, although that comes with expensive prices, especially if you want to join some remote place in the Alps):

Geneva: The succesful team so far this season (still undefeated). Plays a dump and chase kind of hockey without much creativity, but lots of physical play. The arena is awful with poor sightlines and seats far away from the ice, but the fans create a pretty good atmosphere. Not much to see in the city from a tourist point of view, althought there are some nice places in nearby France (Not sure how to get there with public transport). Flights to Geneva from Amsterdam can be very cheap, but the city is expensive.

Zurich: The team is good, but they play in a multipurpose arena that wasn't made for hockey where you seat far away from the ice and a poor atmosphere. Regarding the place, it's a lively city (Probably the place to stay if you care about the nightlife) and a short ride away from many other teams and from Lucerne and its lake, one of the best tourist area of the country. Worth noting that the city is very expensive.

Fribourg: They have good forwards and a suspicious defense, maybe a good bet if you like high scoring games. The arena is old and outdated, but the sightlines and atmosphere are great. The town is nice but quickly visited, probably better to stay in Bern if you attend a game there.

Rapperswil: Surprisingly good team so far, but neither the hockey experience nor the town are anything special. Short trip from Zurich so that could be a possibility to view an extra game if you stay in the Zurich area, but I wouldn't stay there.

Lugano: Good team, though a bit unspectacular. The arena has great sightlines and the fans are very noisy. The city is located in an amazing natural setting at the foot of the alps. It's close from Milan, so you can have a look on flights to Malpensa if getting into Zurich is too expensive.

Biel: Team that relies on a good goalie and mistake free defensive hockey, so not the most spectacular place for a neutral fan. I'm not familiar with the city, so no comment on it.

Kloten: Interesting teams with fast paced hockey and always a lot of young players. The arena is modern and a good place to watch a game. Kloten is a suburb of Zurich where the city's airport is located, but it's a residential area. If you go there, I would stay in the Zurich city center and travel there just for the game.

Bern: One of the best teams, despite their so-so season start. The arena is one of a kind with a huge standing section, although it's too big to have a good atmosphere. The city center is beautiful and it's a short train ride away from the Interlaken area, one of the best tourist spot in Switzerland.

Davos: Like Bern, great team with a poor season start. They play an enjoyable brand of hockey based on a fast transition game. The arena is also one of a kind, with a beautiful wooden architecture, although you won't get the best sightlines there. It's located high in the mountains, so great tourist experience and many things to do during the day, but not the best place if the nightlife is important to you.

Zug: Another team which season start is below expectations. They have the most modern arena (opened last season). I'm not familiar with the place, I can only point out that it's a small town but is a short train ride away from both Zurich and Lucerne.

Langnau: Usual bottom feeder, they've only played away games so far because constructions works are going on in their arena, not sure when it'll be ready. Langnau is a very small countryside town where there isn't much going on apart from hockey, but going there could be a unique cultural experience. A short trip away from Bern, so consider it if you decide to stay in Bern.

Ambrý: They have been the worst team in the league during the last two or three seasons, and their arena is awfully old, but that's the most unique pro hockey team you can imagine: the team plays in a small village located high in a valley, in an open arena invaded by the cold mountain wind during games and passionate fans. Of course, there's nothing to do up there unless you are crazy about mountain hiking.

and finally, if you don't mind a lower level of hockey, there's an NLB team that could be interesting:

Lausanne: They have been trying to get promoted for years but can't get the job done. They have good attendances (they outdraw some NLA teams) and a very good atmosphere. Also, the city has a great nightlife and is cheaper than Zurich and Geneva. A short ride away from Montreux and its great natural setting.

All and all, if you stay just a weekend, I would decide according to what's more important to you:

If you want a unique hockey experience but not much more to do, Ambrý or Langnau.

If you want to enjoy a noisy atmosphere and crazy fans, Ambrý, Lugano, Lausanne or Fribourg.

If you want a unique hockey arena, Bern or Davos.

If you want a good nightlife to party with your friends, Zurich or Lausanne.

If you want a place located in a beautiful natural setting, Davos or Lugano.

If you want a city with a beautiful old town, Bern.

If you want to be close from some of the best tourist destinations, Zurich (go to Lucerne and the area around its lake) or Bern (go the Bernese highlands around Interlaken).

If you want to have many hockey teams to chose from, go to Zurich (Zurich, Kloten, Zug, Rapperswil), or maybe Bern (Bern, Langnau, Biel, Fribourg).

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