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10-04-2012, 07:04 AM
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Originally Posted by bigd View Post
I think this is a make it or break it year for him in this organization. He has the size and the skill set but if he can't stay healthy then I don't think the Pens will continue to sign him. His development is behind the curve now so he can't afford to miss another year.
Right. In Jr. he was there for 4 seasons, and played maybe 2 seasons worth of hockey. In the pro, he's been here for 3 seasons, and has played 1 seasons worth. So where a guy who has played hockey would be 7 seasons removed from being drafted, and have 7 years of development...Veilleux has 3. That's why when someone speaks of how much he's developed I sort of roll my eyes a bit. Sure he's changed his game a bit, and may has got a little better, but fact remains, he's still WAY behind the curve.

And I don't want people to take this as me being against Veilleux, or thinking he's not a good hockey player. If anyone were to read the prospect rankings like 5 years ago, I was snuggled tightly in Veilleux's jock. I thought he would be a great hockey player, but even back then, he had to find a way to stay healthy. Now 6 years removed from being drafted, same concerns about health. It's a very tired song and dance, and every year we go into the season asking ourselves, "is this the year KV stays healthy and reaches his potential?" 6 years we've been wrong...I'm just not going to say that for the 7th year.

Does the kid have unreal skill? Absolutely. I said in his first prospect camp that he was the most naturally skilled guy there...his hands back then, IMO, were at the very least AHL level, and very well could pass in the NHL. His skating needed work, he needed to bulk up, and he had to play a little tougher. From the times I've seen him...his skating needs work, he could still bulk up, but he has brought that toughness factor to his game. Now the question becomes, can he play that way AND stay out of the infirmary?

People are pimping him as a winger, and I'm really not so sure about that. I don't personally like how the kid stops and starts, and I believe, he would make a better center. I can just see defensemen burying him on the wall.

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