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10-04-2012, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by WilcoxHound View Post
Am I wrong in seeing the theme of this conversation as being about growing the AUS game as capitalist venture where the schools must be willing to invest education dollars in athletic teams in order to maintain a level playing field for competition.

This won't happen in Ontario where provincial educational institution rules won't allow the creation of a professional sports under the auspices of the OUA.

Is this really where the CIS wants to go? Down the road will the money issue force the OUA out of CIS hockey?
No. It is about teams in AUS men's hockey budgeting or fundraising enough money so that they can try to come close to maxing out their AFA cap (i.e. scholarships for the student-athletes) as they compete for recruits. We don't really know where the teams are with this, since the CIS only releases the combined AFA "payout" for all male or female sports combined.

And, it is about the values-adds that teams find the money or volunteer resources for. Full-time associate coaches. Game-video software. Nice dressing rooms. Athletic and massage therapists. New skates and sticks. Team-building exhibition road-trips. Out of conference road trips. Sports psychologists. Etc.

When you get down to it, it is not that different than what happens with producing top-level CIS football programs, and the OUA has no qualms about that.

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