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10-04-2012, 10:17 AM
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Originally Posted by hipcheck85 View Post
We are reaching a critical question with this thread: Do you love your team, (the Preds) or hockey as a whole?

I love hockey as a whole. The Preds add to that but honestly coaching, playing, and watching my son and his teammates play are what really make me love this game. I enjoy the Preds games but I will continue to support the GAME a whole lot more than I will the BUSINESS.
Can I answer with both?

I love the sport of hockey, but I also love the NHL. I love the traditions, the arenas, the big time feel, the players are the best in the world, etc, etc.

I'm not nearly as interested in lesser leagues, grassroots hockey, NCAA hockey, etc, etc, etc. Sure, I go to some SPHL games, but it's not exactly super enjoyable - I go mostly to hang out with friends and drink a few cheap beers, and would never skip watching the Preds on TV to go to an Ice Bears game.

I was a Rangers fan before the Preds came to town. If the Preds disappeared, I'd break out my blue again (still got it in a closet), but I can't ever see me not supporting the NHL.

Which is why i'm not nearly as bothered by this lockout as some folks are. I miss the NHL, but if the alternative is to continue to have a league where the stronger financial teams can strongarm smaller market teams (like we saw this summer), or a league that is similar to baseball (where you can literally buy a playoff team), then I don't care if it takes until 2020 to see the NHL again.

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