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10-04-2012, 11:00 AM
Connell McWilson
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I've been reading back on previous work stoppages in all four major sports (NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB). Part of the reason why I remain optimistic that there will be a season is because of the nature of this lockout.

Remember, the last lockout was about the salary cap and completely changing the economic landscape of the league. These type of lockouts usually lead to a disastrous ending. The NHL lost a season in 2004-2005. Baseball tried to implement the cap in 1994 and lost the World Series. NBA implemented the cap in 1999 at a cost of half a season.

This lockout is about dividing the 3.3 billion dollar revenue. It's similar to the last NBA and NFL lockout. Although the NBA lost part of their season, at least the league and players came to their senses as the lockout dragged on and they were in danger of losing a bigger chunk of the season and salary. Ultimately, this is how I feel.

As frustrating as it to see the NHL negotiations are, it was just as bleak if you were an NFL and NBA fan during their labour wars.

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