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10-04-2012, 11:13 AM
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I'm still fine with this Sunday for the draft, but want to make sure the majority of people will be there. Right now I know TrueGrit said he can't make it, but there's still quite a few people who haven't really said if they could or not.

I want to avoid going in Sunday and only having 3 to 4 people there, so do the members of the Champs League mind posting if they'll be able to make it to Sundays draft? I'll send PMs out Saturday night from everyone I don't hear from and get a tally together to make sure we'll have a good turnout. If we end up only having a few people who can make it, maybe postponing it would be best. But let's see first, so if you guys don't mind, just confirm here that you can make Sunday night's draft.

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