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10-04-2012, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Kawaii View Post
Bulls staff.
That's great news. One of my college teachers was there photographing the game for a local publication. I felt terrible for him. That kind of lighting makes it almost impossible to get sharp images from such a fast paced sport.

Originally Posted by Rude View Post

I was surprised how well the team played last night. They really held their own against Stockton, and even looked a little scrappy... which i enjoyed (except for that final penalty, of course.) Can't wait to cheer for Hans & Scotty again next week!

Lots to get sorted out as far as the venue though. Announcements and music were screwy. The lighting wasn't great, and the images on the JumboTron look further away than the view from any seat in the venue. But it was everyone's first night, so i'm sure things will improve quickly.

Three things though, if anyone official is out there is listening: beer prices need to come down, the place is much too warm, and please change that lame fight song!


PS- Which of you full-season ticket holders want to use your discount to help me buy a jersey?
Yeah, I was really surprised by how expensive concessions were. I thought the concessions people were pretty cool though. There was a place near where we were sitting called the Sausage Haus. We were their first two customers. They couldn't get the beer taps working properly, so they gave us a couple of free Molsons. The sausage selection there was pretty good too.

It was awkwardly warm the whole time. It looked like there was a thin layer of fog floating on the ice. And what was up with all the 90's music? Seems like they still have the royalties from when the Spiders were playing

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