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Originally Posted by sipowicz View Post
Maybe the Jets should have gone hard for the monster. I've read a couple of articles that said the Jets were a play-off team but the goal-tending let us down. Are we (fans) in Winnipeg fooled thinking Pavs is actually not as good as we think?
there has been a fair bit of statistical "evidence" to prove that, yes, Pavs wasn't really the savior many fans think he is.

Disclaimer: i have placed the word evidence in quotations to denote YMMV- we won't all weigh stats the same.

I do think pavs is "as good" as fans think based on potential, i believe he CAN be a fantastic, game changing goalie, but that is where most of his value currently comes from. I'm no advocate for trading him but i would argue he "looked" better then he was, he made a lot of big saves, but IMO over the course of a season it's more about the big saves you didn't have to make as opposed to the ones you did.

again, YMMV

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