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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
So, I got McAfee. It sucks. It says my laptop is fine, when it's slow as **** and freezes up for moments.

What's an alternative to that piece of crap ? Other than drop kicking my laptop and shelling out a couple hundred bucks for a new one ?

My lappy actually ran faster before i installed McAfee...
Get rid of it. Applications like McAfee, Norton, and even Kaspersky are a waste of money. They slow down your computer and really are not any more effective than some of the free versions available. Disable windows firewall, go get Avast Free anti-virus along with Comodo Free Firewall and you will be fine. Avast is the best free anti-virus I have ever used and Comodo firewall is super effective, also, both are very 'lite' applications, you wont even know they are running.

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