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10-04-2012, 02:49 PM
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how many of you would be willing to go in front of the camera, with hundreds if not other thousands of nhl fans, and throw at least 1 nhl item that you own into a huge fire pit?

A friend of mine has some land up north and we fantasized about staging such an event of this nature - things like this need to be organized all over canada. Of course we won't do it - since I rather not be known ''as that guy''... but some more active social media names should.

Will anyone organize such a social movement? I'm betting something will happen sooner than later. It's just a question of doing something, as much as we can agree that doing nothing is also beneficial.

If social media gets these movements to happen, mainstream media will pick it up.

I think the only thing we fans are accomplishing now is by saying ''I'm apathetic now, but I'm really a sheep and will return next year, or the year after''.

As Canadians, we claim how hockey runs deep, but really, I'm waiting for the proof. By destroying our paraphernalia, we are telling the NHL and the NHLPA to **** OFF.

The downside in my brilliant strategy is the risk that we will replace these items in the future which will cause a mini revenue

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