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10-04-2012, 03:03 PM
Bill McNeal
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Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
Seriously imagine if the home opener had reduction of sales for like 60%?? Even 20 in motnreal will look HUGE.

But like someone said (I dont remember who..) fans loves hockey, they love it too much.. We'll all go watch the game and be happy its back..
I think had the season started as planned, Mr Molson would have already been feeling some backlash as a result of this past season's poor showing. I've been buying Habs tickets religiously every year since the last lockout, and only twice in 7 seasons was I able to get a 10 game pack. By the time it was my turn to order online, only single seats were left.

This year? Almost a week after they had gone on sale I could log onto the Habs' website and order 3 of the 4 offered packs if I wanted to (which I didn't). Granted, part of that is a result of the uncertainty from the lockout, but that had to feel like a glass of cold water dumped on Molson's head. The sale eventually ended with packs still available. These things usually sell out in 3 hours.

Now games are getting cancelled, fans are angry/apathetic and just put off by the concept of billionaires fighting millionaires... I'm very curious to see how they'd react if hockey does return this year. I know I'm done spending money on this team for a little while at least.

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