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Originally Posted by sipowicz View Post
Maybe the Jets should have gone hard for the monster. I've read a couple of articles that said the Jets were a play-off team but the goal-tending let us down. Are we (fans) in Winnipeg fooled thinking Pavs is actually not as good as we think?
Well I think there are 3 trains of thought:
  1. Pavelec was team MVP, constantly kept the team in the game, is an elite goaltender, and was the team/defense that let Pavelec down
  2. Pavelec is terrible as his stats register some of the lowest of all starting goaltenders
  3. Pavelec has lots of tools (athleticism, size, etc) but has some glaring weaknesses (positioning, conditioning, etc). He has potential but is not there yet... whether he get's there or not is a real kicker

Most people lean towards the first or third (I myself am in the third category). Second mostly sprung up in popularity with his recent Euro issues.

I think there is some minuscule validity to the first one due to how heavily the Jets relied on GST defensively for 5v5 and 4v5... who didn't do well at either (see 5v5 and 4v5 links). Also (as shown by me in the Enstrom 1st pairing thread) our most effective top4 D structure wasn't in-place as a complete unit for most of the season.

I think the real truth will be shown when the NHL starts again as the excuses disappear with the additions of Jokinen and Ponikarovsky, and hopefully less injuries to our top4 D.
  • Jokinen pushing either Wellwood or Burmistrov to third line duties, addition of Ponikarovsky (who has been statistically one the top shutdown forward on his team the past few years), and Antropov creates a new shutdown line. Poni-Burmi/Welly-Antro >>>> Glass-Slater-Thor.
  • Less defensive injuries means less Stuart (and Clitsome and Ran_y Jones) in the top 4. Enstrom-Byfuglien >>>> Stuart-Byfuglien. Hainsey-Bogosian >>>> Stuart-Bogosian.
  • With Jokinen addition and Kane's eventual (and hopeful) maturity, they will receive more offensive/PP minutes meaning Ladd and Little may receive more defensive minutes. Ladd-Little >>>> Glass-Slater

But yes. I do agree that with different goaltending we would of been a playoff team last season. Our Fenwick (shot differential similar to Corsi but better for team usage) was about similar to many of the bottom seed playoff teams (exception LAK who were one of the top in the league). Change Pavs SV% to league average and we have more wins (ironically when I came home I begun calculating this for an AIH article before I read this post)... but for some people it's short term pain for long term gain...
I hope Pavelec will be a long term gain.

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