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10-04-2012, 02:15 PM
No Jam? How about PB
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I am away until Saturday night to see family.

If one of you could relay the mssg to the Chicago GM about playing his games without setting up with you first would be great. Unfortunately, I can't check my PSN while at work and while on the road.

I understand the frustration Swic - I am just glad you had your AI set up - on the ball sucks you lost - I can't over-turn anything.... Having said that - if my games get played and I lose, I'd be upset - but it's not the end of the world.

Maybe we can work something that he gives you the next game? To me that would work, but may also cause issue later in the sched, people crying foul ALL the time (not that you are). I am sure he didn't do it on purpose....

Let me know, I'll check this when I can.

All of you are great! Keep it up - the kinks are working out. TK -thanks for building/starting the other forum as well. I will try to sign up soon.

Cheers Guys - for the Canadians (have a great long weekend) to the rest of the globe (remember to breathe!) enjoy!

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