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10-04-2012, 02:17 PM
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I just called the NHL offices to leave a message for GB about just how pissed I am as a long time fan. Of course I got a message that his mailbox is full. Guess I was not the only one with that tactic today.

The last lockout seemed inevitable. This one seemed so avoidable.

I will not purchase any NHL merchandise this year but that likely really hurts the manufactors and the retailers more than anybody. I was planning to go to the Winter Classic but am starting to make other plans instead.

I for one, believe that Gary has to go. He may be doing a good job for the owners but repeated lockouts indicate his "take it or leave it" style. The NHL tried to shove the partnership idea down our throats during the last lockout and that was just lies obviously.

The answer seems to be a 50/50 cut like many are proposing but I do not believe the owners should be able to reneg on the multimillion dollar contracts they signed already and in recent months. I doubt any of us would like to sign a contract in July/Aug/Sept and then be told "whoops, offered to pay you too much, got to reduce that significantly before you start lol"

Right now I am seething mad at both sides but more so for at the NHL for deciding that lockout after lockout with wild spending and CBA circumvision by owners in between is the way to run a league. Seems very bush league to me.

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