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Originally Posted by pigpen65 View Post
The real issue isn't Kassian. It's Hodgson. Even if they wanted to get rid of Kassian, trade him for something of use. Kassian had value. He was an asset. They drafted a center with their 1st round pick, traded picks to get back into the first round to draft another center, then drafted another 3 centers with their remaining picks. And even after the draft, Regier still said his number 1 priority going into the season would be to add another center. So what do you know that i don't. That doesn't seem like a team happy with their centers. What need hole did Hodgson actually fill for the Sabres? What you are really forgetting is the timeline. Ennis was on the wing when the Sabres made the deal. What they thought they were getting in Hodgson, they didn't know they already had in Ennis (plus some.) It was a bad trade.
Kassian and Hodgson both have quite a bit of value, so to say only one does is either A) extremely dumb or B) extremely biased (probably a bit of both). The Sabres also had Foligno to fill what Kassian brings, so what say you about that?

The point is, we've lacked a true number one center and center depth since Drury and Briere left. None of the prospects we have have proven as much as Hodgson (except Ennis, but I'm not sure you can call him a prospect anymore). He's the most NHL ready. The others are a few years behind in development, and they're far from guarantees.

I can't believe that after 5 years of complaining about center depth and a lack of top 6 centers someone would complain about having an abundance of young center depth all with top 6 potential. Who cares that we gave up a gritty winger? We replaced him with a much harder working gritty winger who has proven much, much more already.

Y'all blow my mind.

Originally Posted by Sabretip View Post

My hunch is that as soon as either of the specialty teams go south, Roy's departure will be a frequent reference in Ruff's post-game interviews.

Why, though?
Our PK'ing has been good, but our PP has left a sour taste (reads funny) for the past 5 seasons. With or without Roy, until we get a PP QB our PP will be inconsitent like it's been the past 5 seasons. Ruff must know this, right?

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