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Originally Posted by Generic User View Post
Easier to say than spell. Ha.

Actually that's the wrong pronunciation of the name. The announcers from his highlight were pronouncing it wrong.

I know it's hard to spot why, but it comes from how his name is written in cyrillic.

If his name was written like "нихушкин"; "Nick-oosh-kin would be right, but his name is written "Ничушкин", it has the "ch" instead of the "ck", so it's the same way you pronounce the "ch" in "Ovechkin" for example.

And just make you even more confused; the difference in those two cyrillic names; the "x" in the first one, would make the translation to "ck", while the "ч" makes the translation "ch". So yeah, I hope you understood something from the nonsense I just wrote.

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