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10-04-2012, 04:44 PM
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What if a fan boycott/strike really took hold?

The following is from this article:

The important part is the bottom, the money totaling.

I am a Minnesota native that currently lives in Manhattan editing for an soccer channel. Yes, a soccer channel. Being from MN, and needing hockey on a daily basis to stay mentally healthy (man I miss the Modes #9 North Stars days) I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM GOING TO DO THIS WINTER. I moved out to NYC in February and was lucky enough to catch the Devils/Rangers run.

I figured that living in NYC and watching my team would be costly. BUT since there is no NHL season, I'll save a lot of cheddar.

Here are the expenses that I calculated (please keep in mind that I didn't include the costs of a long SCF run the WILD would have made (jokes)) and also **NOTE** I did not include any flight/hotel/pregame/postgame expenses -- I only wanted to include what I think are 'NHL' costs:


NHL Center Ice (2011-2012 price): $171.80
MN Wild Authentic Zip Hoodie: $79.99
MN Winter Knit Hat: $19.99
NHL13 for XBOX: $59.99
Parise Jersey: $159.99

Total: $491.76

*NOTE: Already have a Parise USA jersey, but a Wild one is necessary for the NJD vs. MN game in Newark.


Wild vs. Panthers (in St. Paul) 10/27 (Tickets+Beer+Food): $48 + ($11 x 5) + $14 = $117
Wild vs. Bruins (in Boston) 11/6 (TBF):$201.00
Wild vs. Rangers (in NYC) 11/8 (TBF) $171.00
Wild vs. Devils (in Newark) 11/11 (TBF) $155.00
Wild vs. Flyers (in Philadelphia) (TBF) $195.00
Wild vs. Stars (in St. Paul) 12/26 (TBF) $151.00
Wild vs. Islanders (in Uniondale) 2/5 (TBF) 145.00

Total: $1135.00

TOTAL: $1626.76

There you have it. A very LOW projection of what I would have spent this year. BUT when you multiply that by X amount of fans = sad face for the NHL

Looks like I'll be watching the locals partake in Ice Hockey In Harlem (IHIH) will have to do this year.
What if all these fan strike ideas took hold? What if the above numbers are multiplied by 100,000 people? Or a million people?

What, financially, would it mean for the NHL and/or the NHLPA?

Would the owners truly be up a creek? If the cap is (still) related to revenue in the next CBA, payrolls will go down, right? ...etc...

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