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10-04-2012, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by KaylaJ View Post
What does protesting for one day accomplish? You get one day of media (considering the MLB playoffs are underway, NFL& college football is in their season, and NBA camps have opened that's a maybe) and then what? Don't you think if either side realized that the fans should have a say it wouldn't have gotten to this point?

I know you're upset and you feel like you should do something, but the only way to get both sides to be afraid of losing games isn't thinking one day or one season, you have to think about long term consequences.
Very well said.
I get where Shady is coming from but i like the idea of thinking of creative ways through social media of getting the players and leagues attention. Why not cut out the middle man(the media) and start a social media blitz directed right at the players and league themselves. The media would just latch on to it as it plays out.

I can do just as much sitting at this very keyboard, if not more, than protesting 1 day in front of an arena hoping, someone notices.

I just thought of an example. Starting a site where any and everyone can send in pictures holding up messages of how this lockout affects them(much like the occupywallstreet site). Be it a shop/store owner to arena staff to even us. Start it up, get it trending on twitter. Watch the articles and media follow suit.

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