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10-04-2012, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by HockeyCA View Post
A significant amount of teams is making a significant profit. It's those teams are not making nearly as much that are struggling. Sounds like a Revenue Sharing Problem to me.. Why should it be the players' burden to do something the owners' cannot do themselves?
Why does one business have to subsidize another when one stands to gain from the partnership than the other? If I'm an owner, I wouldn't want to send a penny to another franchise that isn't really helping me out. I mentioned this before and maybe I'm missing something but the New York Rangers benefit a lot less, if at all, from the Nashville Predators of the league than the Predators benefit from the NYR potential subsidies.

Oh and I used a word that is key above, partnership. If these franchises and players view themselves as partners, they should all be kicking in to keep things afloat. But it is the players who will benefit the most from 30 teams in the league so if I'm a big market owner, my attitude would be make the players subsidize them if they want to keep them around. It seems like an easy solution is to lower or get rid of the cap floor but we all know the players aren't going to go for that. The players are playing hardball with themselves is far as i'm concerned. They want what the owners have and good luck prying that from their hands. They didn't become billionaires by foiling a successful busines model. Anyone who thinks the owners are sitting out strictly to stick it to the players for a few extra bucks is a delusional. There would be hockey right now if there werent some serious financial issues with clubs. If everyone stood to profit, the owners would be on board. That is purely anecdotal on my part but no red blooded business man is going to choose making zero dollars to make a point.

Then after I waste all of these key strokes i think to myself this:

Originally Posted by Ron View Post
The Los Angeles Kings are the 2011-12 Stanley Cup Champions.

Sorry, don't mean to be flippant, but all this financial stuff hurts my head. I have to deal with it all day long, 5 days a week (sometimes more), and sports is supposed to be fun.

I just want this to be over, and watch the banner raised to the ceiling. That's all I want.
Totally agree. Why should I have to even worry about this? First world problems... ones that even this middle class American guy can't relate to.

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