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Originally Posted by Tkachuk4MVP View Post
For all of the crap that the PA is getting for not offering a counterproposal, there's something to be said for the hardline stance that they are taking. If the owners really have no qualms about locking the league out twice in this short of a span (and in the midst of record-breaking revenues), then there has to be legitimate concern that they will do the exact same thing when the next CBA expires.
the nhl is a really messed up league finance wise, you have 6 or so teams making a ton of money and everyone else losing it. if u go by share of overall revenue, then 24 teams are going to be losing money every season just to hit the salary floor while 6 are making a killing. tv rights are a total joke so the league can't prop up fail teams like the nfl can. i honestly don't know if the nhl is even really viable to be honest long term. i can think of no solution short of massive redistribution, but can't see the nucks and ml agreeing to anything on the scale that is needed.

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