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10-04-2012, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post

The other leagues have huge TV contracts, the NHL does not. The NHL is a gate driven league, and they are losing money because many markets are not drawing, largely in part because of the poor economic situation our country is in.

In the NFL, the Cowboys, Bears and Giants are not subsidizing the Packers, Jags and Bucs, everyone is making a killing because of the TV contract.

With the way salaries have escalated since the lockout (remember the floor is higher than the cap was 5 years ago), it is just not feasible for some of these smaller markets. And even the high revenue teams aren't making enough to support the lower level teams, and they shouldn't be expected to dip into their already small revenue to help teams like Phoenix and Florida.

The cbal needs to be fixed, and the best way to start is to cut back on player salaries.
First you skipped You skipped the NBA, MLB and their revenue sharing and Your explanation of what you think happened in baseball and how Fehr ruined it

Because there are subsidized NBA teams. The NBA lockout was over the same issue the NHL is facing. The big markets vs the small. Guess what

The NBA Board of Governors also voted Thursday to approve a new revenue sharing plan that will quadruple the funds previously shared among NBA teams.

"The Board realized that it was imperative that our revenue sharing program be improved," Stern said. "We have found a solution that should provide our league with better competitive balance

It's not the players fault that teams are in Florida and Phoenix. If you think the Rangers, Leafs, Flyers, Montreal, Vancouver, and a few other markets have small revenue pools I have a bridge to sell you.

According to Forbes (who Piston has proved correct back in the day)
The Leafs made 81.8 million in profit last year
The Canadiens made 47.7 Million
The Rangers 41.4 Mil
The Canucks 23.5 Mil
Oilers 17.3 Mil
Red Wings 16.3 mil
Chicago 8.7 mil

Sports leagues aren't free markets. I can't start an NHL team in Seattle tomorrow if I wanted to. I need league and other ownership approval. The owners control where the teams are, not the players. The fact that some teams can't afford to spend to the floor is on the owners

The teams in the league all need each other. They need opponents and factors like the advertising revenue and TV money are a result of how healthy the entire league is.

Revenue sharing is practiced by the other three leagues because it is important to the overall health of the league.

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