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10-04-2012, 08:00 PM
5M? insulting!!!
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Originally Posted by BubbleGumPlant View Post
O'Byrne: I'm sorry, but this guy is still not good. He had 10-20 good games with the Avs but he's mediocre at best.
McDonaugh: #1 worst trade, can't defend that
Latendresse: Hasn't done much since he left the Habs. He scored some goals at first, but so did Pouliot. Slow, injury-proned.
Grabovski: he was a cancer, as was Ribeiro, and the Kostitsyns. Unfortunately, cancer has little value and we got a 2nd rounder (ended up being Robert Lang via another trade)
Lapierre: another cancer, are you really that sad losing a 4th liner?
Streit: Should have resigned but Gainey is an idiot.
Ribeiro: #2 worst trade, can't defend that albeit cancer. I would still choose cancer over Ninimaa and a 7th rounder
Beauchemin: c'mon, don't think I was even born.
Ryder: really? You would give this guy $4 M/year? People were angry that Cole is getting $4.5M. Maybe if Ryder spoke French...
Pyatt: another career 4th liner, scores as many goals as Gomez

Point is: You can only be mad at getting nothing in return for something good. Weber ain't good. You can argue that maybe he will be good, but chances are he won't; Other GM's know that and that's why Montreal will get very little in return. He doesn't have the potential to be top 4 D based on his defensive play. He's no McDonaugh or Streit, nor does he have the potential to be. What would you be willing to offer another team for their 8th defensemen with potential to become a 5th or 6th defensemen. Not very much. Why not just play the 8th defensemen then? Because he sucks and we lose games. Let's trade the bag of potatoes for a lottery ticket and move onto more important issues.
you're missing the whole point entirely even though you're assesment of said players is good IMO.

I'll give you a few examples.

1. Pyatt will never be more than a 4th liner, but we lost him for nothing and ended up trading an asset(late pick I think?) to acquire another 4th line C who isnt any better than Pyatt...
2. Ryder isnt a great player, and yeah he's lazy sometimes, but he was good enough to play for a cup winning team (he woke em up in our serie vs them with 3 pts game, did same in SCF vs VAN)... us ? we had Staubitz, White and Geoffrion playing next to #14 last season...
3. Latendresse scored at a 30G/season pace with the Wild, while last season #14 wingers were...
4. we let Streit go for nothing, but we spent assets to acquire guys like Schneider, MaB and Campoli cause we needed more offense from the back end (on PP mostly).

and now, we'll let Weber go for nothing (cause really that's what he worth in a trade if a career AHLer like St Denis bumps him out for whatever reason)... an then what ? we trade assets to acquire a shot from the point on the PP ? really ?

I've read here about BG/PG mismanagement... guess some guys didnt really dislike em as they're willing to do exactly what they've done too often

and the bolded part is a perfect example of that.

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