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10-04-2012, 09:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Buddy The Elf View Post
If that happens, you can expect revenue to be down when hockey returns and the players to be worse off. They are going to lose a year's worth of salary and 10% points of HHR isn't going to offset that. Maybe I'm missing something but I think Mike Modano was the more poinant with his comments.

If they miss a year+, it is possible that some smaller market teams will struggle to recover their fans and potentially put them into Phoenix territory. That isn't good for anyone but especially the players.

When the last lockout happened, I believe we were 10 years removed from the last work stoppage that was only a partial season lost. Losing a second season in 7 years time is going to have a bigger impact in my opinion. The players are cutting off their nose to spite their face. I don't think the owners aren't without blame because they certainly have created some of the conditions they want to erase. That being said, the players have tried to play hardball since Fehr took over and that has done them no favors and in my opinion, has made them look bad from a fan's standpoint. No other professional sports league has gone through this. They look like a bunch of divas.
This is kind of almost my hope... It's really the only way that everyone is going to come to their senses I think. If the league starts losing owners and teams, the players lose jobs and maybe think next about fighting over variable things like %s. It also would likely mean that Bettman and his merry band of men are sent packing which can only be good for the game in the long run. The game was at it's highest level and had possibly it's best season financially and we are now in a lockout... Losing teams in small markets and the league showing signs of collapse could be just the wake up call the NHL needs to prevent childish stuff like this year from happeing for a while.

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